Sunday, 22 July 2012

Writing Tiers

I write constantly. I know that this blog isn't proof of that. But I do. I have journals full of scribbles and drawings and ideas that will never be completed. 

I have tiers of things that I write.

I have Facebook. The lowest tier. I put phrases or ideas that I like, but that I don't care much about. Things that can't be related to people or things.

Then Twitter. Higher than Facebook only because less people follow me on Twitter than on Facebook. But due to the lack of space in Twitter space, I don't post anything more than, again, phrases or ideas.

Next. Here. This is where I take ideas that I've been mulling over and I try to explain myself. I don't always post everything here. Sometimes there are things that I would need to say out loud to get my point across and I have to resort to talking to friends *gasp.* I like writing on my blog. But I hold the same principle of Facebook or Twitter. I will never post names, unless I've talked directly to that person. I reference people, but not always. It's very common for me, in my writing, to use the pronoun 'you' without actually talking directly to someone. I just like the idea of talking directly to someone. I also don't like to reveal too much about myself and my personal life, again, for people's privacy.

Lastly, my own journals. Which none of you, or anyone, will ever see. My brain likes to hold phrases and ideas inside until it feels like it's going to burst. My journals become an extension of my brain and I write everything down that I can think. It's like having a conversation with myself. It sounds slightly delusional, but it's just how I have to think things through sometimes.

Thanks for reading again, I'll try to start posting some of my actual writing, instead of hoarding it!
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