Saturday, 22 May 2010

Writing... or Not

My pen is running out of ink.
Between my brain and hand there is a link.
But lately is has not been working.
The words remain distant, lurking.

I can see them, but I can't.
Lines are formed, but write I shan't.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Everything is Good

Normally I use my blog to vent, but I have nothing to vent about. I'm happy. Here's why:

I have great friends.
I'm dating the guy I like. Yay!!
It's spring, so it's gorgeous out.
The end of the school year is coming quickly.
I'm almost done with all of my AP studying. Yay!! :P

There wasn't really a point to this blog post, I just felt that I should let you (two...) know what's up with me!

<3 e

Note to the picture: This was taken in my backyard. I actually edited this so that it was a black and white, but I thought i should post the "happy" colored one to match my post.