Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Reasons for Google Being so Awesome

I typed in the beginning of questions into Google and then finished the sentences. And then i wrote my own answers, enjoy!

"What if everyone" in Canada flushed at once?
-The world would explode. That's what would happen.

"What would happen if" there was no Google?
-People as bored as I would never have anything to do.

"How can I" meet Justin Bieber?
-Well... You don't. That's how.

"How to q"uit Facebook.
-it's impossible. Many have tried, but the grasps of facebook will control us forever!!!

"What happens" when you quit smoking?
-You... uh... stop smoking??

"How to f"all asleep.
-Close your eyes and wait. I didn't think it was that hard....

"How to y"awn.
-Umm... it just... sorta happens?

"How to stop" eating.
-I wouldn't suggest this. But, just don't eat... I would think...

"Yesterday I" got lost in the circus.
-Good for you... did you survive?

"Yesterday I" had roadkill.
-For food??? Oh, I hope not...

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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

An Eyeful of Ceiling

We all die. And most of us die looking up.

It could be a heart attack. Could be of old age. Whatever it is, we almost always die looking up.

And when we look up, we see our ceiling. The last thing that we will ever see is the one place in our houses that we don't pay any attention to. It's nothing that we decorate, or clean, or pay any attention to. But it's always there, holding the roof over your head. And it will be there for you when you die.

You should say thanks to your ceiling for always being there. Because it always will be.
<3 e

A Happy Post

Right now I'm listening to my new favorite song. And it reminded me how much I love music. It's one of those songs that makes you happy just listening to it.

It's called "Adventures in Solitude" by The New Pornographers (I know, great band name, right?). If you've never heard it I would suggest checking it out.

Whenever I listen to it, I feel all reflective. So I'm going to reflect on my summer because it's coming to an end *sniff*

I have spent the summer away from people. I have distanced myself from people, and then brought myself closer to others. I have grown up, and i have become a better me. I've taken dreams of mine, and figured out how to turn them to reality.

I've laughed and I've cried. I've written and I've sang and I've played. I've started actually painting, and I've realized how much I love it. I've started taking more pictures.

But most of all, I've become independent. And I love it. I feel happier, and more free.

So i'd like to thank all of my friends who I've met and grown up with for being there all the time. You guys are awesome. I wouldn't have survived until now without you. I'd also like to thank my summer. Summer itself isn't anything special, but mine was. So thank you.

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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Sad Movie Reflection

I just watched a movie about a 15 year old boy who kills himself. I wasn't aware of what the movie was about when I began it.

Yes, the character, Kyle, was a jackass. He called everything "fag" and "gay" and "retarded." He thought that women were objects "to fuck" and not actually people with feelings. Yes, he was a jackass, but he didn't deserve to die.

Technically he didn't commit suicide, it was an accident. But still.

In life, there can only be one thing that we are completely positive about. WE ARE ALIVE. That's it.

Life is the greatest thing in the world. Without it, we can't do anything. It just makes me furious when people throw this amazing gift away.

Two years ago this November my friend Lorin killed himself. He took a gun. Put it to his head, and he pulled the trigger. He escaped from whatever it was he wanted to escape from. His family and friends didn't. We were left with a shattered family and no reason for a dead child.

So if you are reading this, and you think about suicide. Don't. Even if it seems like life is stupid and sad and horrible, it will get better. It always does. There's no reason to rip your family and friends apart because you decided to take the quick way out. Just don't do it.

Keep your glasses half full,
<3 e

Monday, 9 August 2010

The Night Is Mine

I love big cities, but there are moments where I feel as though the whole world can see right through me. And the world is watching and listening to me. But not at night.

The night is mine. It is the time where I am alone. I am in control. It is mine.

The world falls away and only I exist. My night. And I.

I long for my night. I long to be alone. To have to world fall away. To have to silence envelope me. To have the darkness invite me. The cool air in my lungs, nothing around me. Pain melts away. Problems are solved. Creativity is sparked. And for once, life makes sense.

The night is mine, and I am the night's.

<3 e

Thursday, 5 August 2010


Recently a friend and I got into a philosophical argument of sorts. It began with my comment saying that “We are both so random,” and he began to talk about our similarities and differences. It boiled down to a discussion about whether people were alike or not. Here are our arguments:

I believe that people like to believe that no one in the world is like them, and that is true to some point. But I also believe that fundamentally, we share many things. Not just physically, but also mentally. All people have some sort of belief system. All people have morals that they stand by, even if the actual morals are different. We all have wants and desires. We all have secrets. We all have emotions and can be happy or sad or embarrassed or hurt. As pessimistic as this sounds, we are all the same person with small differences. Of course there are outliers, but all statistics have outliers and exceptions.

People generally behave along certain guidelines not because it is their innate nature, but because we are products of society. The moral and social guidelines by which we act are no more a part of our basic humanity as is fast food. Besides of meaningless physical similarities, these action guidelines are really the only things we have in common. If humans were capable of fully developing completely separate from these guidelines, we would have no concept of secrets, morals, or etiquette, as these are all products of society. Similarly, many emotions, such as embarrassment, and love, would not exist, were it not for other humans.

If you have any opinion on the matter, then please comment below and either let us know who you agree with or your own opinion.
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