Monday, 30 May 2011

A Letter To Myself

Dear me,

This is a letter to myself, for when I go back and reread posts, which I commonly do.

In 15 days, school will have ended. You will have taken your SAT and ACT. You will have played at graduation, and had a dance performance. You will have studied and worked and tested and been exhausted. Congratulations on being done.

But, now that that is over, you have an entire summer to finally become what you want to become.

Last summer, you changed. Or at least, you would like to believe that you changed. You became louder. You cared less about what people thought of you. You dressed nicer. You started taking more chances. You did whatever the hell you wanted to do. You put yourself out there. That was a good thing. But you can do more. You are not at your full potential yet, and you know deep down that it would only take a little work to get you there.

This is your chance. Next school year you will be a senior. This is your last chance to make an impression on that box building high school you attend. So do it.

Make your summer count. Don't be one of those people who sleep until 1 and then sit around not doing anything. It was fun last year, but it can't happen again. Take initiative. Do things. Conquer the city.

So, as I finish my post in order to finish my work so that I can do well in these last 15 days until the last bell rings and we are finally released, you have already worked and tested and been exhausted. Lucky you. But, have fun this summer. Do what you need to do so you can do what you want to do. Be who you want to be no matter what you have to do to get there. Be happy.

<3 e

Sunday, 15 May 2011


For one night, we forget everything we know.

We dress as fancy as we want.

We cling to tradition.

We pose for pictures.

We walk carefully.

We dance like no one is watching.

We stay out later than we should.

Thank you all for a wonderful evening that I will never forget.
<3 e

Past, Present and Future

The future is a scary idea. It causes anxiety to swell up. It takes planning and effort. It influences everything that we do.

We pretend that we are old. We pretend we can be responsible. We pretend we know what to do. But in actuality, we have no idea what we are doing. We are children. Just because we can drive cars, have relationships and defy our parents doesn't that we are adults.

When we were little, our parents prepared us for life. We played dress up. We played school. We played house. We idealized the older kids, wishing we were that old. Wishing we knew that much. Wishing we had that much responsibility and freedom.

Now that we have it, we focus on the past. When we could play dress up without it costing so much. When we could play school and not actually attend it. When we could play house instead of having to work hard in order to keep ours. We value the innocence and little responsibility we had when we were little.

Just for one day, I wish I could take the weight off my shoulders and run around in my backyard without anything holding me back.
<3 e